Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Insanity?! Days 1 & 2

Well, my brother-in-law, Shawn and I have decided to give Insanity a go to see how it will help get us in shape. We are doing the work-outs on our own but are on the same schedule, at least after 2 days of 60 we are. It all starts with the Fit Test, which feels like a killer. I consider myself to be in decent shape ( I run a few times a week, play basketball once a week, soccer 1 or 2 times a week, Curl once a week, touch football once a week, and take the dogs for a walk most days), but the fit test knocked me down!

I got back up but only after 1.5 liters of water and about 45 minutes of barely moving. I had a decent supper but the Spanish Chorizo (only one at that) came back to haunt me during the test and after as a slowly recovered. So, I've learned that doing this program will force me to make wiser food choices just based on survival, so I don't feel ill after the session.

DAY 2 Plyometric Cardio Circuit
It starts off with a warm up that in itself can be challenging. Certainly, these programs are such that you will only get out what you put in, but you need to pace yourself to give you a better chance at making it through the whole session. Warm-up, check. Stretching, check. Then there is a series of movements that you do in succession, 4 I think, then a short rest. You do these for 3 sets (maybe 4) and increase your speed with each set. I always did some in each exercise in each set, but the later sets were really tough.

The second set of exercise where difficult as well and ended with what I'm calling a superset as there were about 6 movements in a row. It ended the high impact stuff with some arm movements that were doable but not easy. Stretching to cap it off. This was hard!

Until tomorrow...

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