Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long time...

I've been pretty slack at blogging my running escapades; but, as I'm likely mostly writing to myself that is just fine. Fortunately, my running is more frequent than my posting, and as we have hit a run of weather that has been amazing for about 5 weeks, the running has been very enjoyable.

For the past 3 weeks I've been doing all of my running outside on the trails of Shubie. All of the runs have been great, save for a minor soreness or tightness. These are likely more from new sneakers and soccer games than from running. Luckily, the farther the better as the uncomfortableness seems to fade about half way through.

We've had a good stretch of soccer results of late, although, some of the games have been less than attractive soccer for the full 90 minutes; but at least we are pulling them out.

I'm going to run for the first time on pavement since the Blue Nose 10k in May, which was the beginning of a lot of back troubles. So, hopefully the Cole Harbour Harvest Run 6 miler is kinder to me.