Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 12: Small Movement, big gain

Today was pure cardio coupled for the first time with Cardio Abs, a super set of Shaun T if you'll allow. Pure cardio was of course a really good sweat, and after almost 2 weeks I feel strongly that I will never be not tired because as the movements become more second nature and my strength/endurance increases I am able to work harder longer. As always, the ending few sets are the most difficult, but that is largely common sense. Which brings me to Cardio Abs, the new session.

Certainly, a change was welcomed, the warm-up seemed tough because I just had finished pure cardio. I found the ab work in the "C" position somewhat uncomfortable for my back. It may take some getting use to is all and finding the best/right position. The middle set involves a fair bit of straight and bent leg movements, which felt hard and good. Finally, plank work! I don't mind plank exercises, and this set offers, at the end, a small but significant movement that really feels like it is working... it is starting in a low plank and basically pulling your belly button towards your chin (not a good description probably) while you stay in the plank. It is a very small range of motion movement but can really be felt. Then you move to an up plank and do the same... 3 or 4 reps of that and the burn is on!

Soccer tournament on the weekend! Next post likely Monday after the fit test, I wonder what it will show?

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