Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 15: 2nd Fit Test

This was the first mark in the sand to see how the improvement was coming along, although, I think the next fit test is a better determinant because the first test was learning the movements as well as the intensity of it. So, the results are in and certainly there was improvement in most areas or exercises.


Switch Kicks: 80 --> 112
Power Jacks: 51 --> 70
Power Knees: 92 --> 109
Power Jumps: 43 --> 43
Globe Jumps: 10 --> 12
Suicide Jumps: 14 --> 23
Push-up Jacks: 22 --> 34
Lower Plank Oblique: 42 --> 63

Flat on the Power Jumps and decent improvement beyond that. My assumption is that this test will provide the greatest gains and the next ones will be smaller gains and probably some more flat scores. Week 3 starts in earnest with the next workout, which I'm sure will cause drooling or something similar!

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