Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 9: Pure Reminder!

I remember thinking and maybe also typing that I didn't find Pure Cardio too overly hard. Well, maybe I was premature and more likely, this time around I was more capable at doing more. Dripping sweat everywhere during and after this one. I think it is the suicide jumps, Level 2 (8 push-ups, push-up run for 8, get up jump, get down and repeat), frog jumps that really bring this session to a hard close.

Head is scrambled so those probably aren't even the ending ones, just the ones burned in my mind. I think I'm pushing harder at the sets and lasting longer and breaking shorter. More than likely, by the time I feel confident in these workouts we will have moved on to the second 30 days and new and harder workouts, Joy!

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