Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 8: 2nd time Power & Resistance

Day 7 of the Insanity program is a rest day; but, I was out in the morning with about 10 buddies playing touch football on a half frozen field, This biggest trouble being cracking me knee on the first play of the game when I slip on the ice. Fortunately, just bruised and no other major falls to speak of over the 2 hours.

Day 8 was the 2nd time doing this session and I did find it tough, at times tough to pull myself off the floor (I think I drooled and I may have actually spit on the carpet. I must go check and clean it up now that I have blood rushing to my brain again). I was able to get through most of the exercises full out through the warm-up and the initial round of movements - exception being the tricep dips. I just have trouble getting the position. I can sort of do it for the first movement but when the leg goes up, nope can't hold it. Maybe the next time will be better.

The second set of movements is challenging with the hurdles, globe jumps, moving push-ups and the like, but definitely better than last week! Bridging the off day to start the 2nd week is a good step to going 60 days on this.

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