Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 10: Seriously?

Forget all I said about other work-outs being the hardest. This is the one... well until I do the next workout, if the pattern remains. I thought, this will be tough but I'm getting the hang of it. While this is true, the second set Shaun T puts you through here: Basketball, Level 1, Ski Abs, and In/Out push-ups is brutal!

Basketballs are no problem, can always finish that one up. But by the second set Level 1's have me beat up and dragging to even begin the Ski Abs. When the third set comes around I am begging the carpet that I'm kneeling on to tell Shaun T where to place his In/Outs! Just to keep us completely toasted we finish up with some fighting-based arm movements. I think this is the hardest, but I'm positive I'll change my mind tomorrow or the day after.

On another note, I'm about to make this all harder. Going to play basketball today as well, which will give a nice little afterburn, I think. Plus, tomorrow's recovery day will be bumped out and I'll bring Friday's into Thursday and Saturday into Friday, because I have an indoor soccer tournament on the weekend out of town. With the fitness looming on Monday, we shall see if all this hurts or not.

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