Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 5: Pure Cardio

This is set up on the video to be feared and it is tough, as they basically all are. After the warm-up, it is about 20 minutes or so of set after set, all or most which are 1 minute long of a variety of movements. Power Jacks, Suicide run, suicide jumps, ski down, etc. Oh and plenty of push-ups.

I found there were places where I needed to rest at the start of a set because the previous one was tough, then I'd get at it and maybe rest a little more, especially push up movements. Certainly, I got a good sweat on and I believe I'm feeling some of the benefits in constantly thinking about my core and engaging it. A big test today as I have a soccer game later tonight and it will be interesting to see how my legs feel after 5 days of this program.

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