Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The LAST Week

It's here, the last week of Insanity and I'm happy to see it. Not that I haven't enjoyed, perhaps a strong word, it, but rather 56 days or 8 weeks of 6 times a week is a lot of work. Not too much, but with work and other things going on it can be a challenge to remain consistent and committed to it. But, with 4 sessions to go plus the last Fit Test, the end is in sight!

It sucks the last session and Fit Test will be in a Hotel, but I've before so not a huge deal just a minor inconvenience. I'm quite interested to see the results of the Fit Test since I haven't done one since the 2nd one. I find it hard to tell through the weeks the gains I'm making because every session is tough, as it should be. I still hate Floor Switch Kicks! Level 3 and Full-body workout are off the Christmas card list. I have enjoyed being this active this often combined with the other things I do, minus runs, which I'll pick up again next week.

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