Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The end... of Insanity

So, I am done, finished, the Insanity program. I've "enjoyed" it, which means I think it has helped me especially in core strength. I didn't take pictures, weigh myself, nor measure anything prior to starting the program so I don't have measurables to say it has worked this well or whatever. But it was never about that for me, it was about trying something outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to get away from just running and this was a good stepping stone to do some more weight training.

I haven't done the last fit test yet but may try to do so this week, we shall see. Again not a goal but would be interesting to see if there was improvement over the last one I did.

The take aways for me are:

  • To keep doing some of the workouts from the program a few times a week.
  • See if I can turn the improved core strength into better running and soccer.
And on that note, I did a 45 minute run today and aside from a little soreness or stiffness in my knee and IT band my lungs felt great, not taxed and my pace was the same as 2 months ago, so it seems I didn't lose ground. Not sure I gained ground either but that's okay.

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