Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day ??: A Change

For me, this is Day 31, I think, and if I was following the schedule this would've been my 3rd day of Cardio and Balance in the recovery week between Month 1 and Max Month 2. However, I decided to forgo this Recovery week and jump right into Month 2. I had a couple of what I think are good reasons for it neither of which are macho related.

Reason 1: I felt like I was recovering quickly from the workouts and after that first week when I had lingering muscle soreness, I was always ready for the next days workout. Further, I have been coupling all the workouts with my normal activities: Monday-Soccer; Tuesday-Curling; Wednesday-Basketball; Friday-Soccer; Sunday-Football. As well, 40-60 minute walk for the dogs each day or most.

Reason 2: And really the primary reason was I didn't want to lose momentum. Next week I will be travelling most of the week for work and will be sharing a hotel room so getting my workouts in will be much more of a challenge. I figured if I'd already been through the hard stuff once I'd be more motivated to find a way to get it done while on the road.

So, I've done Max Interval, Plyo, and Cardio Conditioning and they are all hard (er). The Floor Switch kicks in Interval are near impossible for me, at least to get the bounce rhythm they do, I'm hopeful by the end I'll be able to do a few like them. These sessions seem to put movements together, which is hard and more fun, I think. Certainly have experienced some muscle soreness again, which is telling me I'm getting at some muscles or depth of exercise I wasn't in the first month.

I found Cardio Conditioning was hard but had a "fair" flow to it. Just when you were nearing exhaustion, Shaun T would throw it a couple of exercises that gave you some cardio recovery but work some deep muscle or muscles deeply.

All in all hard but good! I'll do the 3rd Fit test Sunday.

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