Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 7: 12 sessions to go...

I've graduated from Days to Weeks, largely because I haven't been posting daily anymore. There are only so many times you can write that the session has kicked your butt! However, my main travel is done, although there is a possibility of a Texas swing coming up shortly, so workouts will be easier. I did lose 2 workouts while I was away last week. Mainly because 11 hours in the car didn't make for me to want to exercise. Space was limited in my room but I did mange to get one session in on Wednesday, but prefer my basement for doing Insanity.

I missed one main workout and the recovery workout. I got my Friday workout in and Saturday was to be the Core Cardio and Balance or substitute with the Max Interval Sports. Initially, I was going to do Core Cardio and was all set to go, but decided to toss in MIS. Core Cardio was 37 minutes long and MIS 53 or so and I did feel like getting a good hard session in. I figured even if it was too tough I could at least make it through 37 minutes, so away I went with MIS.

MIS is different in a few ways:
  1. No Warm-up like we are use to, although we always progress through the sets wisely with a slower set before progressing.
  2. No Stretching in the beginning. I don't think it had a negative impact, but more on that later. 
  3. Rather than the 3 sets of about 4 exercises (typically the last set has a superset added for fun) it was a sequence of sport styled cycles: Boxing, Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, and Track.
I liked the uniqueness of this session. Like all of them there is lots of fatigue and failure late in sets, but new movements and the variety was welcomed. I did feel extra stiffness/soreness yesterday and today mainly in my quads (soreness) and back (stiffness), which I attribute to Saturday's session. I did supervise my 7 y/o to be nephew's swimming party on Sat. but that was mainly treading water and walking through water. And played football Sun., but that doesn't typically bring out this soreness.

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