Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mitts Longest Run

So, yesterday, with lower humidity for the first time in a few weeks I took Mitts with me on a recovery ish run. She has done 6 or so recovery runs with me all either 4 or 5 miles long and on each of these runs about halfway through she is usually in step with me and with a mile left she is about done. However, yesterday we did 6.5 miles and she was still charging up hills and pulling a little.

The pulling is of course not ideal; but, I'm happy that the run was easier for her. Although, she did enjoy laying down in the brook when the run was over.

On another note, my injured Quad is tight but I don't think I stressed it on the run. Being a recovery run I tried to keep a slowish even pace. I think it ended up being a little quicker than what the range says it should be, but pacing is still a huge weakness. It seems I run a fair number of runs a little faster than I need to in order to hit the marathon pace I want. This is tempered by the reality that with the string of injuries I have not been able to do much tempo running (2 miles total!). I do play soccer 1 or 2 times per week though, so hopefully that is helping on that end. The soccer is certainly hurting my long runs though as I have had to not do a few because of game nights the night before a long run.

Going to try for 12 miles tonight.

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