Monday, July 26, 2010

Frustration of Injuries

So, as I continue to try and juggle my running goals with playing soccer, I am experiencing a set of injuries that are quite frustrating. Like most, I would imagine, I don't like to sit out and take it easy. Instead, I tend to try to get going while adjusting somewhat. The latest injury challenge is my quadriceps, that I have now "tweaked" twice in the past 2 weeks. I reinjured it on soccer on Friday night so skipped my 18-miler on Saturday to rest it. I can still feel it but seems to be some better. I will go for a run this afternoon and test it out!

On the bright side, I have started running with my 1.5 year old dog. So far so good. The longest we've done together is 5 miles on my recovery days so that I can work her into it. Being black-haired and it is summer I don't want to push it with her, but I do like being able to take her out for a run with me.

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