Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1/2 Marathon in 4 days

It has been a busy month! Soccer is finished -- it ended with a loss in the finals of the Masters Provincial Final. It was a long weekend of soccer with 4 - 90 minute soccer games in 30 hours or so. I played all but about 15 minutes, so I was sore on Monday and decided not to run on it or Tuesday.

Which lead to a vacation and a trip to NYC. We spent a few days walking around the city plus seeing the U2 concert, but no runs. It was 10 days between runs and I felt it on the first one back not to mention I caught a cold. I've been able to get 5 runs in since getting back into the swing of things. One 11 miler, which was okay and 4 of my staple distance of 6.5 miles.

I am fairly certain I will be off my desired pace on Sunday's race. I'd hope to challenge sub 1:40:00 (my PB is 1:40:15); but I think I will be closer to 1:45:00. As well, I've only run very little on pavement and the entire run is on streets so it could create a problem. Oh well, time will tell!

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